The hype may have passed, but there are those of us who have not forgotten that picture of the mysterious figure on Mars from a while ago.

It's Art Jim, but not as we know it.

It’s Art Jim, but not as we know it!

Forget all the crazy theories about bigfoot being on Mars. The truth is much more shocking! In reality, the figure in the picture is actually one of the earliest works of Leonardo da Vinci!
Look carefully now… it’s a lady playing a harp.

So this is a ground breaking discovery for several reasons. Not only was one of the greatest thinkers in the human race actually not a human at all, he also can be credited with the invention of the ‘air-harp’!!

His genius is truly without parallel!

And now we know the mystery behind the Mona Lisa’s smile! She was in on the joke. He was an alien, and he fooled us all!

Until now…


I wanted to embed something, but it’s not working so I’ll have to link to it…

It’s an optical illusions sort of thing, to do with staring at a computer monitor for a couple of minutes. Fun, healthy and educational I’m sure!

At the very least you’ll learn what colour “Cyan” is.

…because then I’ll have to go through all the bother of getting a new heart constructed using a perfusion-decellularised matrix.

And although they’re making great strides in that area, I still think it might turn out to be pretty inconvenient…

Pretty nifty stuff isn’t it? I love it when real life science starts getting into territory that was previously the realm of science fiction. Sure, you can’t walk into a hospital and order a heart ‘to go’ just yet, but with the shortage of organ donors and the difficulties associated with getting donor organs where they need to be quickly enough, it really is heartening to see that such progress is being made.

Hmm, that abstract was published more than two weeks ago. Seems I don’t quite have my finger on the pulse this time…

(Note: All complaints about bad puns should be directed to my father. It’s not my fault! Genetics + Environment and all that…)

To make up for the tardiness (and lame punnery…) here is a tip that can be put to good use ahead of time:

Instead of spending big wads of cash on a card this Valentine’s day, just tell that special someone to put Turkljaca, Croatia into Google Maps.

Turkljaca Croatia


Awww, geologically spreading the love!


I have long held the opinion that there should be more songs about science. It can be brought down to the following equation:

Music + Science = Awesome

I am sure you will agree with me if you just watch the following video: